If you still think TikTok is just for teenagers, think again. The once small app is more than just a place for Gen Z users to share dancing videos but is now a marketer’s dream.

With such a powerful algorithm, content is shared to users with stunning accuracy making even the most seasoned social media savant say “how did they know?” Some marketers have gone so far to say that it can be more targeted than paid ads.

Unlike other social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook, where content is manicured and influencers abound, TikTok has a casual air driving community engagement. Brands are even now considering hiring in-house creators and teams to create short form videos.

Here are eight CPG brands on TikTok worth copying.


RunGum uses their CEO as a relatable & consistent character.

The CEO of Run Gum, Nick Symmonds is also a famous Olympian which makes sense considering the content themes on their growing TikTok account. With several videos at 8M views and rising, they are definitely doing something right.

What we love about this account is that Nick is front and center for most of it. Having a relatable & consistent character in your videos is key to viewers remembering and consuming your content. The actual videos are genuine, hilarious and fun to watch.

We catch Nick challenging normal people to jump rope and various other athletic endeavors to earn money and clout. Although the product is not always featured, the mission behind every video is – People Matter. Performance Matters.

@rungum In the timberlands, no less 😂 I’ll give you $100 if you can beat my top speed, LET’S GO TIKTOK FAM! 🏃 #RunGum #QuickTok #NickSymmonds #race #me #for #cash #letsgo ♬ Run Run - Matthew Sibley / Giacomo Trivelli


Stryx interacts directly with their community by creating content from the comments.

“TikTok made me buy it.” I’d even go as far to say that a lot of what I have bought recently are TikTok products. And if you want the latest and greatest beauty products, you better be fast. Brands have been known to completely sell out after just one viral video.

One of those products to take off overnight is the Stryx concealer pen tool. Stryx is redefining what beauty is and normalizing makeup for men. Their account combines product tutorials and tips. But more than that, they are starting conversations around men’s beauty and the stigma behind it.

One of the better techniques they employ is creating videos from previous video’s comments. Comments are incredibly valuable for brands. They give you instant feedback on what your audience wants to know more about. This drives community engagement and gives a creator endless opportunities to speak directly to the consumer. Think of the comment section as a chatroom budding with inside jokes, memes, and viral moments.

Jon and the team talk about this in detail on our podcast:

Stryx does an excellent job of even responding to the “haters” and in turn this boosts their mission of men feeling confident in their own skin.

@stryx_official It gets better, I promise. #mensmakeup #mensskincare #beautyindustry ♬ Filtered Light - Nik Ammar / Mike Reed

Muddy Bites

Muddy Bites is able to illustrate how their product can be enjoyed in many different ways.

Muddy Bites is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” products. Now you can have your favorite part of the sundae cone as a bite-sized snack. With 4M likes and counting, Muddy Bites showcases their delicious treats in really creative ways.

I love how they use trends to differentiate their product from the regular sundae cone. Move over ice cream, Muddy Bites is here to stay. TikTok is also an amazing place to showcase how your product can be used in multiple ways. Enjoy Muddy Bites baked in brownies? Of course. How about Muddy Bites dunked in cereal milk? Duh.

They even show how dipping their bites into ice cream is superior to the competition. Go ahead and take a peek at their videos and you’ll be ordering several bags too.


You can have the best bite over and over and over and over 🙃

♬ original sound - Danyelle


Cookie dough you can eat & that’s good for you. No, we’re being serious… it’s a thing! Deux has easily become one of our favorite TikTok accounts to follow. For a brand account, they do a great job of jumping on trending sounds and relating it back to their delicious & functional product.

Try to watch one of their videos without wanting to stock up immediately. But cookie dough glamour shots aren’t the only videos on their feed. They do a great job of incorporating office culture & giving us a behind the scenes look into what it’s like to work at Deux.

Often that doesn’t mean elaborate videos of the office or warehouse, it can be as simple as sharing an internal email or slack message. Their founder occasionally appears teasing new product launches and roasting her marketing team. It’s relatable and hilarious.

@eatdeux introducing our head of marketing… Patrick, everyone! #cookiedough ♬ So your an artist - Tej Patel

Soso Sake

SoSo Sake creates video hooks that make you want to binge watch their content.

Soso Sake takes storytelling to a whole new level. Their “Who We Are” series is at seventy-seven parts and counting. The series follows their startup struggles, how they got started, and the journey of creating a beverage brand.

They’ve nailed creating hooks (opening lines) that make you want to keep watching til’ the very end.

“This is the day I almost got fired from my own company” and “These are the things you need to make your own drink” are a few hook examples that keep a viewer engaged. This TikTok account is more than so-so.

@sososakesoda #sososakesoda #startuplife #foodandbeverage #smallbusinesscheck #smallbusinessfail #entrepreneur #lastartup ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

Magic Spoon

Magic Spoon shows what it’s like to work at HQ making this team feel like they need their own reality TV show.

The healthy cereal brand makes work look fun. TikTok is a great place to show behind the scenes content of office culture. Let’s face it - some of our favorite sitcoms feature people at work.

Magic Spoon’s top three videos happen to be just that. And for good reason, the dynamic team is interesting to watch! Every few videos, we get a cereal pour shot with a funny voiceover and the brand’s value propositions. Even though, we’re here for the office culture hilarity, we still get a taste of what Magic Spoon is all about.

Who’s ready for Saturday morning cartoons and a bowl of fruity?  

@magicspooncereal Love this team 🥲 #champagneproblems #team #officelife #workpranks #roast ♬ champagne problems - Caroline


Suckerz does a great job of showing BTS on what it’s really like to run a company.

What’s more impressive than Suckerz massive TikTok growth (0-33K in just 6 weeks) is that their founder & CEO Kasey Stewart is behind it. In a recent Linkedin post, he explained his process & how instrumental TikTok has been for Suckerz.

The natural lollipop brand found its niche after posting a video about how the business almost failed before even starting. The hook got attention and growth has been on an upwards spike ever since.

Their TikTok account takes us through the process of packaging, creating ads, and making lollipops. It really does feel like a front row seat to their business and not only is that inspiring for potential entrepreneurs but it makes customers feel part of the journey.


NudeStix works with creators making their brand accessible and community driven.

NudeStix first launched in 2014 but they’ve really found their audience on TikTok. So why does this makeup brand work so well on this platform? Well it’s all about easy,  fast, & minimalist routines which works perfectly for TikTok’s video lengths of 60 seconds or less.

The everyday “no makeup” makeup look has been a popular trend and with only a couple products you can get the look. Recently they launched their summer sculpting challenge which incorporates three products for a glowy & beautiful look.

What’s exciting about this campaign is that they worked with 18 different creators to show all skin types/tones and variation of techniques. NudeStix is not only building a community but they are expanding their reach of potential customers through working with different creators.

Believe me, I ran to Sephora to pick up my own set of products after watching these videos.

@nudestix Summer Sculpting with Nudestix: Day 7/18 @Racheltzairi using Bondi Bae, Cherry Blossom Babe and Hey, Honey 💗#nudestixsummersculpt #minimalistmakeup #brushbronzeglow #creamblusher #getthelook #makeuptutorial #nudestix ♬ original sound - Nudestix

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