TRUFF’s email campaigns see conversion rates as high as 30% when they send traffic to their Repeat cart.

By using a banner driving to their Repeat cart at the top of their emails, TRUFF is able to boost conversion rates in every campaign that they send. These conversion rates mean that every visit to a Repeat cart by a returning customer is worth 89% more than a visit to the brand’s Shopify site.

Who is TRUFF?

When hot sauce was having a cultural moment in the mid 2010’s, TRUFF’s founders saw a space in the market for a top-shelf, luxury hot sauce brand. Using their coveted “@sauce” handle on Instagram to find their initial footing with a truffle infused hot sauce, the brand has since expanded into pasta sauce, infused oils, and mayo. Along with their DTC site, TRUFF is distributed in more than 11,000 retail stores across the world.

TRUFF uses a simple banner to make it easy for customers to buy again

By including a banner featuring their customers’ personalized carts in each email, TRUFF makes it easy for them to buy again. As customers have come to expect this banner over time, the brand has seen its impact grow.

Give your returning customers what your website can’t

Customers want an easy way to buy again. While brands often use email to promote a specific product or offer, the campaign a customer receives might not be promoting what the customer is ready to buy. Sending those customers to a PDP or your home page means more clicks to find what they want. Worst case: they may not click through at all.

That’s where a reorder banner comes in: it gives your customers the easiest way to buy the products they already know and love. The results from TRUFF demonstrate the effectiveness:

  • 18% overall conversion rate for traffic to the Repeat cart from email campaigns (61% higher than traffic to the brand’s Shopify site)
  • 89% more revenue per session
  • 17% higher AOV.

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