• Moments Covered: Replenishment
  • Plays Used: Send Replenishment Reminder Postcards (via PostPilot)
  • Business Impact: Efficiency, Improved 90-Day repeat purchase rate

You might think, when you’re a brand the size of Dr. Squatch, that life gets easier: the email list grows, the SMS list grows. But there’s a flip side to that, too: the list of people who don’t opt-in or don’t engage via email and SMS grows, too.

There’s money—a lot of it when you get to a certain scale—left on the table there. How, then, do you reach them?

Direct mail.

A New Channel For a New(er) Brand

While Dr. Squatch is older and larger than most DTC brands, it’s still relatively new and relatively small in terms of team size when you measure against the incumbents the brand is disrupting. That means less headcount to explore and test new programs, creating a need for prioritization and rigor in methodology.

When the team turned to PostPilot to begin testing direct mail, they needed to answer a key question: Could the channel be “automated” while improving repeat purchase rates?

While this might seem straightforward, think about your Klaviyo replenishment flow or your own consumer behavior: There are a variety of inputs that need to be weighed—especially when you consider the fact that Dr. Squatch sells across categories: soap, deodorant, lotion, etc.

“The trigger moment is really important,” said Dejan Rankovic, Sr. Director of Growth at Dr. Squatch. “As you might expect, what the customer orders determines the optimum timeline.”

The Right Moment, Delivered Every Time

Repeat is the event generator for lifecycle marketers who want an easy way to activate customers during high leverage retention moments. For Dr. Squatch, this meant ensuring timing was right for re-engaging customers during their Replenishment Moment.

Because Dr. Squatch was already using Repeat to power replenishment SMS via Postscript, it had proven that Repeat’s ability to understand when a customer is in a high-leverage retention Moment delivers an LTV lift for customers opted in to SMS. Bringing that timing intelligence and Moment recognition into direct mail was easy.

Repeat customers who also use PostPilot can leverage Repeat’s “Due to Replenish” profile property in Klaviyo to automatically deliver direct mail to customers when they’re most likely to reorder specific products they previously purchased. (Directions are here, if you want to try it yourself.)

Armed with this confidence, Dr. Squatch kicked off its direct mail test with Repeat data.

A Faster Test, And Strong Results

Without needing to run analysis around repeat purchase behavior, Dr. Squatch was able to get to market with their test faster—and test different considerations.

In their test design, Dr. Squatch used Repeat-powered Replenishment Moment data to time direct mail sends, but also looked at other timing. The result? Repeat-provided timing data led to a 10% lift in 90-day repeat purchase rate, a main KPI for the Dr. Squatch team.

“Clearly, time matters,” Rankovic said. “Sending at the right time based on what the customer first purchased is one of the most important variables we can deliver against here.”

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