Mark from the Repeat team, back again this week with another great success story! This time from one of our favorite brands: Graza. Graza’s olive oil became a staple in our house as soon as it showed up at the door. It’s a very thoughtful brand: clever bottles, beautiful copywriting, and a  great value to boot. It’s something that brings me joy just seeing it sitting in my kitchen, so I’m pretty excited to share this one with you.

The way they’ve used QR codes on their packaging is a great example of the thoughtfulness their team has brought to the brand. Read on and learn more about it!

Graza’s packaging is more than just stylish and functional–it converts

What do you normally do when you run out of a product that you use every day? For most of the products I use, I toss the package in the recycling bin and make a mental note that I need to restock. If I’m lucky, I’ll remember to pick it up on my next trip to the store.

That wasn’t good enough for Graza.

The team at Graza included a QR code on the bottle that directs customers straight to a Repeat cart that’s preloaded with the product they need to restock. Here’s the best part: 21% of people who scan a QR code convert on the spot.

Who is Graza

Graza, launched earlier this year, believes  “Every kitchen deserves good, fresh olive oil that’s affordable enough to be used every day.” And while I love both olive oils that they offer (there’s one for drizzling and finishing, and one designed for cooking with), it’s their innovative squeeze bottle packaging that really sold me. I can’t overstate what a joy it is to use–and, bonus, it looks gorgeous perched on the shelf above my stove.

Meet your customers in the kitchen (or the bathroom, the pantry, or anywhere else they are)

My brain can be a little scattered. If I can’t take action on something right when I think about it, who knows when I’m going to get to it. I’m guessing someone at Graza shares my pain, because they solved my problem brilliantly. Here’s how they capitalize on that moment of need and make it easy for customers to buy again:


Not only can I quickly restock my “Drizzle”, but Repeat makes it quick and easy to upgrade to the bundle so I can re-up the “Sizzle” while I’m at it.

Start the process now

Packaging refreshes take time. It’s usually a cross team process and it requires some planning ahead. If you want to get the benefits of reordering right from your package, start the conversation now. The Repeat team can help you with the fine details like how to set up your QR codes and best practices for printing them so you can get the process started.

Making it easy for your customers to reorder pays off

Graza’s QR codes perform, there’s no doubt about it. Over the last 90 days, Graza has seen:

  • 20% conversion rate on QR code scans (that’s double the conversion rate of their PDP)
  • 2x revenue per session from QR code scans compared to the PDP

Want to set up QR codes on your packaging?

Repeat can help! Book a demo.

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