Encouraging returning customers to branch out and try new products is one of the most challenging tasks a retention marketer faces. Creating automated cross-sell flows spirals into complexity when you consider the layers of variables like which products a customer has already tried, which products you should suggest to them, dialing in the timing, and making it all match across multiple channels.

The Cross-Sell Moment is your magic wand to make these complexities disappear. When a customer enters this Moment, they’re primed to explore your product catalog beyond their regular favorites. Paired with Repeat’s hyper-personal Product Predictions, you’ll know precisely what they will most likely buy next. It all comes together right inside Klaviyo, Postscript, and Attentive, so you can quickly turn the insights into action with email and SMS.

How to Use the Cross-Sell Moment

The Cross-sell Moment is designed to push a returning customer towards their next favorite product. With it, you could fire up an email or SMS series highlighting customized products to convince them to click the buy button.

To tap into the Cross-sell Moment, you can use the Primed For Cross-Sell event in your integrated marketing channels to kick off a flow at just the right time. The timing is informed by your store’s order history and tailored to each customer based on which products they purchased previously, when they bought them, and the number of orders they’ve placed.

Finally, you’ll find the Recommended Next Products property inside the event and on a customer’s Klaviyo profile. This list of products is fine-tuned to show customers the unique products they’re most likely to buy.

New Play: Primed For Cross-Sell Automation

Looking for the step-by-step guide to get up and running with the Cross-sell Moment? Our latest Play has you covered. This Primed For Cross-sell automation combines optimized timing and data-backed product predictions to help introduce customers to your catalog and drive cross-selling in email or SMS.

Ready to Run This Play?

If cross-selling is on your 2024 punch list, it’s time to unleash the power of Repeat’s Moments and simplify your customer retention strategy. Install the Shopify app now, or book a demo and see even more ways that Repeat can help activate customers during high-leverage retention moments.

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