Product catalogs are complicated. Brands have different types of products that serve different operational and marketing needs, and that complexity often trickles down through retention marketing and personalization efforts.

Our latest update helps you tame this complexity. Tell us about the relationships between products in your catalog, and we’ll help make your automated email & SMS more relevant. Timing, product recommendations, and personalized content all get more effective than ever before.


Define relationships

Relationships let you define links between products, like samples and their full-size counterparts, or outdated products and their newer version.

Assign classes

Classes let you label the functional characteristics of specific products—like replenishable products, gifts, and strategic priorities, to name a few.

Sit back

With the new information about your catalog, Repeat helps you level up dynamic personalization in email and SMS. Edge cases that complicate automations, flows, and campaigns start to disappear.

A few ways to use Product Mapping

  • Simplify Samples - Link samples and their full-size relatives with the Sample relationship to direct customers who received a sample to the related full-size version.
  • Organize Old Versions - A retired product can be linked to its updated version with the Replacement relationship.
  • Leverage Loss Leaders - Have products you use for acquisition but don’t want to recommend to returning customers? Classes make it easy.
  • Systematize Starter Kits - If you sell a kit containing a mix of replenishable and non-replenishable items (for example, a kit with a razor handle and razor blades), we can help.


We’re making Product Mapping available to Repeat brands in the beta now, starting with replacements and samples. Others are soon to follow. If you want to use product mapping to level up your retention personalization, join the beta!

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