If you think about the customer lifecycle, there’s a point in time when a customer ceases to actually be a customer. When a customer reaches that point, we say they’ve “lapsed” or “churned.”

But there is a critical moment before a customer has lapsed that marketers can’t peer into easily. In that moment, they’re at risk of crossing the threshold that makes their chance of returning to your store effectively zero.

Identifying those at-risk customers has never been an easy task because each customer’s buying habits are a little different. The best that most brands can do to reach them is to define a static time from the last purchase for an automated flow to begin. That’s where this update comes in:

The Lapse Prevention Flow uses our new Klaviyo trigger to help you automatically reach customers before they’re gone for good.

Simplify your work with a new play

Check out the new play: the Lapse Prevention Flow. It's complete with everything you need to put this trigger into action immediately with a new email or SMS flow in Klaviyo:

  • Complete flow example
  • Email templates and copy
  • Sample SMS copy

How the trigger works

To prevent customers from lapsing permanently, it's important to have a clear picture of their individual behavior. By analyzing your customer data and identifying patterns, the trigger can help you create targeted flows that address their specific needs. To identify customers for the About To Lapse Trigger, Repeat will:

  • Ingest your store's order history
  • Assess the churn risk for each customer
  • Send the trigger to Klaviyo when a customer is approaching (but has not yet reached) the point of permanent churn

Start using the lapse prevention play

You can get started with the new About to Lapse trigger today. In fact, if you're using our Klaviyo integration, we've already started sending it into your account. Not using Repeat yet?

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