The complexity of adding personalized cross-sell recommendations to your Klaviyo campaigns and flows is staggering. The challenge often lies in the tedious segmentation and intricate branching logic required. It can be daunting.

Our latest update extends the Cross-sell Moment to make it easier than ever to merchandise your messages with hyper-personal recommendations:

Starting now, Repeat’s Product Predictions are available on every customer's Klaviyo profile.

The product predictions profile property is your key to effortlessly integrating tailored product suggestions into any Klaviyo campaign or flow.

What Can You Do With Product Predictions?

  • Offer Tailored Product Suggestions: Harness the power of Repeat's Product Predictions to showcase products that each customer is most likely to purchase next but hasn't tried yet.
  • Versatile Merchandising Blocks: Create dynamic, reusable merchandising blocks and effortlessly add them to your existing email campaigns and flows.
  • Enhanced Customer Segmentation: Build specific segments based on the unique products customers are inclined to buy, opening new doors for targeted promotions.

Campaigns with a Personal Touch

Imagine adding a dynamic merchandising block to your routine campaigns—showcasing suggested products that are fine-tuned for each customer. Or, picture building a segment of customers most likely to purchase a specific product you're promoting.

New Play: Suggest Predicted Products Anywhere

Ready to get set it up? Your journey begins with our comprehensive play guide.

It’s is your key to unlocking the full potential of Product Predictions.

Get Started With Repeat

Add new powers of personalization to your campaigns and flows:

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