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Leo Strupczewski

This is the Most Underutilized Klaviyo Popup Location

One of the top tactics in the acquisition game is capturing an email address or phone number when a customer lands on site. But the median submission rate for a Klaviyo popup form is 2.7% for email and 2.9% for SMS. Put simply: Most brands have a gaping...

Leo Strupczewski

How to Create a Holdout Test in Klaviyo

While Klaviyo has built-in support to set up A/B tests for email and SMS, there’s no equivalent for creating a holdout test. You can, however, create them easily—you just need to use operational flows and customer tags. The effort is worth it. A/B tests may tell...

Leo Strupczewski

Building an A/B Testing Program For Email: A Guide for Klaviyo Users

A/B testing emails is the fastest way to learn what resonates with your audience to drive more revenue per recipient, but those tests are often limited to campaigns—and often measured on direct response timelines. What about flows? And what about longer-term impact on customer LTV? Building a comprehensive...

Leo Strupczewski

Rethinking Your Klaviyo Cross-Sell Flows to Improve LTV

Cross-sell flows are such a valuable part of retention marketing, Klaviyo has a template to get you started. While using that template is a start, leveraging Klaviyo’s cross-sell flow template alone leaves room for improving LTV. Like any other aspect of marketing, repeating the cross-sell message increases the message’...

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